Intense Quench Hyaluronic Serum
Intense Quench Hyaluronic Serum
Intense Quench Hyaluronic Serum

Intense Quench Hyaluronic Serum

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For Instantly Younger, Hydrated, Glowing & Repaired Skin.

Make your skin bounce back with our water-light intense hydrating serum that delivers a super-charged burst of hydration in an instant to dull, dry, lifeless & problematic skin. It's all natural, meaning it's proven to deliver 4 times more hydration than its competitors. 

Why Ultra Skinmetics Intense Hyaluronic Serum?

If you suffer with these skin problems:

  • Hormonal spots & inflamed skin
  • Dry skin, blackheads and breakouts
  • Fine lines & wrinkles
  • Acne scarring & pigmentation

Our Hyaluronic Serum strengthens & repairs all skin types, leaving your skin feeling & looking flawless again.

What it does:

Splashes your skin with intense moisture for round the clock hydration.

Our refreshing water-gel formula, is immediately absorbed without leaving a greasy sticky residue. 

Loaded with thirst skin perfecting ingredients like botanical hyaluronic and aloe to soothe and repair your skin, leaving it looking instantly clear, refreshed, hydrated, plumped and glowing. 

Why everyone loves it:

Our smoothing water-gel serum acts as an instant pick me up for tired, dull, problematic skin. It's all natural and contains skin loving ingredients like Witch Hazel & Aloe Vera. 

It intensifies the effects of your daily moisturiser and works as a primer for flawless makeup application #nofilterneeded

What our girls say:
  • It made a significant improvement in their skins condition, even reducing fine lines within days. It's natures line filler.
  • Their skin was noticeably more moisturised & hydrated even 24 hours after application
  • It absorbed into their skin easily, quickly & didn't leave a sticky residue
  • Their skin appeared visibly brighter instantly after application 
  • Skin looked nourished & healthy straight away
  • Said makeup went on easier & looked flawless