Dermarolling for Acne

Some of us still carry acne scarring from those dreaded teenage years and some of us have just developed acne scarring. It seems like no matter what we do, what we try, we can't erase them. 

Clinical trials have shown that dermarolling with its regenerative abilities can significantly reduce acne scarring. 

When you micro-needle your face using a Dermaroller, it makes microscopic indentations in your skins collagen network. This triggers a natural response which produces an abundance of new collagen that fills in the scarred areas with scar tissue collagen. New structural proteins are produced, so existing scarring appears smaller and far less noticeable. 

Micro-needling with a Dermaroller can help erase the memory of scar imprint. With regular rolling, your skin will continue to regenerate itself and scars will diminish and be replaced by smooth, clearer skin. 

  • Smooth out pockmarks and reduce the redness made by them.
  • Fill in ice-pick scars and create plumper skin. 
  • Fade dark blotches and brighten the skin. 
  • Reduce scarring and achieve a calmer, more even skin tone.